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Our team recruits exceptional people that solve healthcare problems, so patients all over the world can have access to safe, innovative and life changing Medical Technology. We focus on regulatory, quality and clinical roles.

At Elemed, we help the medical device and IVD experts of today become leaders of tomorrow. 


Explore your options by actively looking.


Hire some candidates fast.


Explore your options by actively looking.


Hire some candidates fast.

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What’s your market value?

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Discreetly finding her perfect match.

Natasha was a rising star in her company where she had been for 5 years. During her time, she had built a multilayered team of 20, handled a big remediation project, and begun the transition to the new Medical Device Regulation. But she had hit a glass ceiling. There were no internal options left for her. Frustrated, she didn’t feel she was reaching her full potential. She reached out to us to help her find a senior director role. Natasha was very well known in the industry, and finding a great role, whilst remaining discreet was extremely important.

In this case, instead of shortlisting lots of candidates for one role, we flipped the classic job search model. We shortlisted a number of roles and companies for one candidate. Natasha was able to strategically select who she was most interested in, and together we were able to confidentially target the right employer for her.

However, she didn’t fit all the requirements in the job description, but she knew she could add huge value to the company if she was given a chance. With some interview coaching, speaking to the company and the right positioning, it was a success. Today, you’ll find Natasha heading the whole region of regulatory affairs in EMEA for one of the world’s leading medical device corporations.

Helping a startup start right. 

Our client was a highly innovative French startup developing an implantable medical device. In the past, the company had survived with consultants, but it was time to bring the role internally. This was the first time the CEO had ever hired a RA/QA/Clinical profile and didn’t have a strong network in this field. The risk of hiring the wrong person was high. Also, as a startup, they didn’t have a deep reach into the market - nobody knew who they were!

We developed the role ad, positioning and marketing strategy. We targeted candidates that had experience with a startup or the ability to work in a small, dynamic environment. Through our network, we gave this company a platform to reach potential employees they couldn’t reach on their own. They hired a candidate with 15 years RA/QA experience working in implants. By hiring the right person, they were able to get CE and FDA approval faster than expected!

Turning experience into opportunity. 

Marcus wasn’t looking when we first approached him. In fact, he “didn’t like recruiters”. But he was interested in joining our free MDR group to keep updated on the new Medical Device Regulation. Over time, we built trust. One day he said, “you know, I have over 20 years of experience in industry. I would love to be a consultant but I’m not good at sales and I don’t want to be self-employed”.

We introduced him to one of the best niche consultancies in medical devices. They weren’t looking to hire at the time, but because of the value Marcus could bring, they decided to create a custom permanent role just for him. Marcus had access to an opportunity that never would have been advertised, and he didn’t even know this was an option for him at the time. Today, he is a senior director and heads a brand new division within this consultancy that is about to go global.

Relationships make the difference.

A global medical device cardiovascular manufacturer headquartered in the USA was having problems hiring a manager Regulatory/Quality. Whilst they had a good brand, and a strong internal recruitment team, they were struggling to reach RA/QA candidates in Europe, with less than a 5% response rate to cold headhunt messages.

After taking a detailed brief we reached out to our Elemed talent hub, a network of over 3,000 warm professionals in QA/RA who are not actively looking but open to considering the right opportunities. Having a warm relationship with these professionals really made the difference! With an 84% response rate, we were able to shortlist and hire an exceptional candidate in Germany!

Helping rediscover his quality of life.

Thomas had a big role in a notified body for 8 years. He was overworked and his team was understaffed. Working sometimes 14 hours a day, it started to take a toll on his personal life and well being. He knew he needed to make a change, but he didn’t have the time to dedicate to researching companies, sending out applications, and chasing for feedback.

Thomas went through our talent management process. After an initial consultation call, we learnt what he wanted and were able to come up with some unique options he hadn’t even thought about. He got insights into different company cultures. We took care of the application process and organising interviews, so he could carry on with his busy day job. With a direct line to the key decision maker, we provided him with timely, actionable feedback. He got the job and now he works from home (or on a beach) anywhere he wants in the world.