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3 Things to Research Before Accepting a New Position

Just like the company you’re applying for is trying to get to know you, you should try to get to know them too. Being a good fit doesn’t only mean that the company likes you, but that you like them back.

While doing general research about the company and the position is very useful, there are three important things you must find out before accepting the position, whether through asking directly during the interviews or through other sources.


1. The Context

To learn about the context surrounding the position, you need to ask questions like “Why is the role open? How long has it been open for?” and “Is it a new position or a replacement?” Understanding the context will make it easier for you to identify the potential issues or challenges that come with the role. For example, if you come in as a replacement you might benefit from the know-how of the previous employee and the job expectations might be clearer. Likewise, a newly established position might come with more uncertainty about what needs to be done, but also with more freedom to establish your own processes.


2. The Core Values

Every company has some core values listed on their website and if you ask them about it, they will probably just repeat what’s written there. Yet words mean different things to different people and you need to dig deeper in order to find out how they go about living and breathing their core values. To step it up, ask about how they practice their values: how do they know they are living up to their values successfully? This is a great question to ask and their answer, as well as the way in which they tackle the question, will help you see if their values align with yours.


3. The Department’s Image

An important question to ask, especially if you’re applying for a role in Regulatory/ Quality, is related to how your department is perceived by other departments within the company. The answer to this will give you insight into how the collaboration with colleagues outside of Quality Assurance will look like. This is a great question that few people ask – it will give you loads of perspective about the position.

These are the three things you must find out before accepting a new position at a company. You can ask your recruiter if you’re being represented by one or the company directly. They might not be willing to share all of the information with you, but it’s worth trying.


Key Takeaway: Research the context, the core values and the department’s image before accepting a new position.

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