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Elemed Won Most Influential Leaders in Medical Technology Recruitment for 2020


Making MedTech Magnificent.
The Most Influential Leaders in
Medical Technology Recruitment for 2020

Innovation and invention are the buzzwords of the world today, as humanity has entered into an era of technology like never before. Within that world, there are a number of incredibly innovative individuals that are able to bring to life some of the finest medical technology and devices that the world has ever seen. At a time where MedTech is in the spotlight more than ever before, we at Corporate Vision Magazine had the privilege of being able to speak with Elena Kyria, founder and leader of Elemed, which won the title of Most Influential Leader in Medical Technology Recruitment for 2020. Find out more about the firm as we unpack what it does, who it works for, and why it is such a vital firm right now.

“On the surface, Elemed may be a boutique recruitment agency that specialises in the world of medical devices and technology, but beneath the surface lies an amazing amalgamation of expertise, experience, and exceptional candidate care. At its heart, what Elemed is all about is helping patients gain access to life-saving and life-supporting technology, with a predominantly European focus, though the firm does work with global organisations to help them fulfil Europe-based roles.
Clients can take many forms for Elemed, and so too do the innovations that their candidates often end up working on. For example, the idea of a medical device or technology is a fairly broad concept for so
many people. One day, the team at Elemed could be working to place someone in a company that is developing the latest application that can help patients and doctors with monitoring medication, and the next day they could be working with a firm that creates artificial hearts. MedTech is such a broad and fast-moving industry, and the team at Elemed are perfectly positioned to support this industry in massively positive ways.

Elemed takes great pride in working with individuals whose skill set falls primarily into technical disciplines such as Regulatory, Clinical, Medical, Development and Quality. Without these people, innovative and lifesaving products would not be available for those who desperately need them. As has already been mentioned, the world of medical device technology has been thrust into the spotlight more than ever before. Prior to COVID-19’s arrival, there was a great deal of talk about Big Pharma, but the focus has now shifted to medical technology, including ventilators, protective equipment and tests.

With so much scope for talented individuals to work into a myriad of roles across the entirety of the MedTech industry in Europe, Elemed is focused on ensuring that its candidates have the perfect experience when working with them. The individuals in question are often very job-secure. As a result, the competition for their attention is quite high.
That is where Elemed comes into the mix, as it focuses on delivering recruitment solutions in a manner that is different to many of the companies working in the recruitment industry today. What makes Elemed different and exceptional is its approach and expertise.

Candidates are seen very much as individuals, rather than just numbers in a system, and each one can benefit from having Elemed work tirelessly on their behalf to invest in their future career. Elemed can add value to every candidate, regardless of what stage they are at in their individual career, whether they are looking for a job or not. In addition to jobs, Elemed offers career advice and coaching, virtual networking lunches, an online discussion network of 6,000 professionals implementing the new Medical Device and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulations and an executive podcast “Career diaries by Elemed,”. Alongside all of this, they also launched the industry’s first training academy/mentoring programme, “Elemed Mentoring Academy’’ which allows upcoming talent to be paired with a key leader in the industry, as well as receive training from key speakers on a multitude of different topics. Elemed’s role in the industry allows it to foster these relationships and this is just one example of many, many things that Elemed is doing. Everything is relationship-based, and is all about putting the right people in the right place at the right time.

Throughout her time as leader at Elemed, Elena has always sought to highlight the importance of ensuring that candidates have a tremendous candidate experience. That is something that Elemed has always placed a great emphasis on, but what compounds it further and makes it truly outstanding is the fact that Elemed is also an expert in this particular field of working in medical device technology. Other recruiters may choose to focus on the recruitment aspect of their work, rather than recruiting for a specific industry or learning more about the industry as a whole. Elemed is very much seen as part of the Medtech community. A lot of the business that Elemed works on comes from word of mouth, and this expertise within the industry is something that has truly contributed to the firm’s outstanding success.

On top of the work done by Elemed, the personal touch to its work is also vitally important. Every piece of communication is done in a personal way, rather than a scripted and automated corporate message that lacks tone and personality. With automation and digitalisation, personal touches can be easily lost, but it is so important that they remain a key part of what Elemed offers. It stays true to its core mission of helping people achieve their potential, and thereby help companies develop life-saving technologies, driven by innovation. Part of that lies in opening doors and revealing opportunities for those individuals who never even considered that they could do something different. Elemed has helped countless companies open up positions for roles they didn’t know they needed, and therefore pushed the limits of innovative potential.

Joining Elena at Elemed is seven other individuals, all of whom have a direct impact upon the success of the business. No matter how much growth Elemed may achieve in its lifetime, every member of the firm has a direct impact on the success of this personal, and boutique consultancy. It works with companies that are truly trying to have an impact on the world, and improve the lives of patients everywhere. These highly innovative companies often see the value in hiring a great person, as opposed to someone who meets the requirements on paper alone. Collaboration is a core value for Elemed and the entire team, with them often moving together as one entity.

Working in the MedTech industry has meant that COVID-19 has inevitably played a role in the work that Elemed has been able to do in 2020, but that has not stopped Elena and her team from viewing challenges as opportunities. Having put together blogs, mini-series, and podcasts for its clients and candidates, Elemed has seized on opportunities to continue nurturing talent relationships. In essence, the firm has been far more proactive than reactive, and has worked tirelessly to secure a brighter future for those it works with, as well as itself.

2020 for many has been a struggle, but it has actually been a year of tremendous growth for Elemed. Continuing to build its market presence in the Nordics, as well as planning future expansion to the United States and to the APAC region, now is very much an exciting time for Elemed, where the team remains focused on the desire to save and impact lives in a hugely positive manner. With active recruitment ongoing now, there has never been a better time to join the team at Elemed, and we at Corporate Vision Magazine wish them all the very best for whatever the future may hold”

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