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Freelance Medical Writing Jobs

Freelance Medical Writing Jobs

Freelance Medical Writing Jobs

Freelance medical writing jobs can be a tough gig, but as far as writing jobs go, they can be one of the most lucrative! Freelance medical writers are in constant demand to convey and summarise complex terminology and information that is necessary for medical device and IVD companies to utilise to ensure that their products are safe, understood, and properly regulated.

There are plenty of benefits to being a medical writer and some great freelance medical writing job opportunities throughout the European Union for competent freelance medical writers, so keep reading to find out more!

What is freelance medical writing?

Freelance medical writing is medical writing but with more flexibility and less constraints. Medical writing is an invaluable form of work that has many different areas – freelance medical writers will often specialise in a particular field as it is important to be extremely knowledgeable on the correct terminology and advancements/regulations in that field. This is especially important for regulatory medical writers who focus on approval and submission processes of technical documentation for medical device and IVD companies, such as for FDA submissions and EU MDR. There are also opportunities for medical writers to work with medical journals on scientific articles, to do medical journalism for news outlets, and in writing educational material for various organisations.

Given the complex nature of being a freelance medical writer, it is important to specialise rather than attempt to be a jack-of-all-trades – doing so can lead to increased work and respect from clients as a subject matter expert. Specialising can also help you discover more lucrative freelance medical writing work such as regulatory medical writing.

What are the benefits of having a freelance medical writing job?

One obvious benefit of being a freelance medical writer is in being able to be your own boss and having control over your own working hours. You also have flexibility over your own living arrangements by not being tied down to any one location and can choose to relocate to any attractive destination whilst being a freelance medical writer. Given the flexibility to work with companies all over the world, you can take on varied projects that can give more breadth to your knowledge and skillset.

Freelance medical writers are constantly in demand by big medical device and IVD companies to convey important technical information. Once you’ve managed to get a foot in the industry and have established yourself as a reliable medical writer freelancer, there’s plenty of opportunity to forge an extremely rewarding career.

It goes without saying that if you are serious about freelance medical writing, you probably love to write, and being able to  summarise complex medical information in a clear and concise way should feel rewarding for proficient freelance medical writers!

What are the benefits of freelance medical writing jobs for companies?

Freelance medical writing jobs can also be extremely beneficial to companies specific important periods, such as in the lead up to a new product launch, to help with expertly compiling technical documentation or writing clinical evaluation reports and getting a product CE marked. The flexibility to determine the budgetary requirements for a freelance hire makes it an appealing proposition for medical device companies.

The pandemic has seen a shift in working patterns, so a lot of great freelance medical writing talent are choosing to work remotely now, this means that companies can take advantage of this opportunity to hire some of the best freelance medical writers in a flexible manner.

What can I expect from freelance medical writing jobs?

Freelance medical writing jobs take on many forms. From writing CERs and technical submissions for medical device companies, to writing grant proposals for big R&D companies, to delivering complex medical information in a way that it can be properly understood by the general public, such as through various materials for educational and health care providers. In short, freelance medical writing can be extremely varied and there are a lot of opportunities for budding freelance medical writers to carve their own niche.

Ahmed Salah – our Associate Director Contract Division -says:

“Freelance medical writing jobs come with a host of benefits for both writers and companies. Writers can use their medical device expertise to win lucrative projects, plus going freelance means plenty of flexibility. Companies can access specialist talent from around the world, as freelance medical writers usually work remotely.”

freelance medical writing jobs

Finding the best freelance medical writing jobs

Are you interested in some of the best freelance medical writing jobs that can be found in the EU? We have expertise in this area and regularly have great opportunities appearing that could be just what you are looking for! Alternatively, get in touch with Elemed Interim to see how we can help you find your next contract role.

How to hire amazing freelance medical device writers

If you’re looking to hire a freelance medical device writer, you will probably want to be selective and find the right person that suits your company’s needs, working style, and budget. To find such a person that will seamlessly fit in with your organisation, a specialist medical device recruitment company with access to a hotbed of freelance medical writer talent could be just what you need to make sure you find the right person! Contact hello@elemed.eu to discuss your exact hiring needs today.

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