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Global Regulatory Affairs Workforce Report 2024

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New Report Showcases a Global Regulatory Affairs Workforce 

of Nearly 125,000 Professionals Across the Healthcare Products Sector


Rockville, Md., April 30, 2024 — The second edition of a joint report released today from RAPS and Elemed, a total talent management agency specializing in regulatory affairs, highlights that nearly 125,000 professionals around the world currently work in the field of regulatory affairs for healthcare products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology products. 


The 2024 Global Regulatory Affairs Professionals Workforce report provides a snapshot of the size and health of the regulatory affairs profession, detailing vital field statistics such as the number of regulatory professionals by region, sector, role, job level, educational background, tenure and “open to work.” The report also offers insights into key location hubs, major employers, professional challenges, and DEI+B concerns — providing trends and comparisons to the original data released in 2021.


“This report has been transformative in understanding the landscape and demographics of the global regulatory workforce,” said RAPS Executive Director Bill McMoil. “Having these insights allows RAPS to develop new programs and serve our members, and the global regulatory community at-large, more effectively and efficiently.”


The field of regulatory affairs encompasses a global network of professionals situated in major regions and hubs worldwide. Collectively, the six major regions detailed in the report — Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and Oceania — comprise a total of 124,436 regulatory affairs professionals. 


“Life-saving healthcare products, whether created by innovative and agile startups or global manufacturing giants, rely on talented regulatory experts to bring them to patients whilst guaranteeing their safety and efficacy,” emphasized Elena Kyriacou, the Founder and CEO of Elemed, headquartered in Zürich. “This report underscores the global demand for regulatory proficiency, highlighting its indispensable role around the world.”


Data in the report was obtained from LinkedIn.com — an online business networking platform with a reported coverage of 1 billion professionals across over 200 countries — and analyzed and segmented by region and sub-region as classified by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD). Subregion Showcases delve deeper into key Europe countries, US regions, Canadian provinces, Brazil, India, and South Korea.


Key data points from the 2024 Global Regulatory Affairs Professionals Workforce report include:


  • There are 124,436 regulatory professionals around the world.

  • The highest concentration of regulatory professionals is in Europe with 45,201, followed by North America with 34,473, and Asia with 31,961.

  • There are 31,133 regulatory professionals in the US alone.

  • Globally, the regulatory affairs industry continues to be predominantly concentrated in the pharmaceutical category, comprising approximately 70% of all professionals, representing a 5-point increase compared to 2021 findings (65%). 

  • 21% of professionals work in the medical devices sector, while just under 9% are employed in biotechnology.

  • The share of employees seeking new work opportunities has increased globally from 15% in 2021 to 25% in 2024 (+10 pts).

  • The percentage of regulatory affairs professionals who have been in their current roles for two years or fewer ranges from about 40% in Africa (an increase of 2 points since 2021) to 52% in Latin America and the Caribbean (a decrease of 1 point since 2021).

  • The percentage of professionals working for large companies, with 5,000 or more staff, varies from a low of 34% in Africa (a decrease of 6 points since 2021) to a high of 54% in Latin America and the Caribbean (a decrease of 11 points since 2021). These statistics may reflect a diversification of organization sizes resulting from industry growth.


The 2024 Global Regulatory Affairs Professionals Workforce report is available for free and can be downloaded at www.raps.org/2024WorkforceReport.




About Elemed

Elemed is a boutique talent management company that transforms lives by recruiting talent to solve regulatory problems, helping to provide healthcare products to patients all over the world. Elemed assists medical device and IVD companies of all sizes to achieve their business goals by attracting, hiring, and retaining exceptional regulatory talent. Elemed has a longstanding relationship with RAPS, collaborating on projects to raise awareness of and further advance the regulatory affairs profession. A recent joint venture has been the Elemed Mentoring Academy, which is just one of many ways Elemed activates potential and unlocks pathways for the regulatory experts of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Through the Elemed network, companies can access exceptional candidates, valuable data insights, salary surveys, talent trends, and knowledge on how to build a diverse global workforce of the future. For more information, please visit www.elemed.eu


About RAPS

The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) is the largest global organization of professionals involved with regulatory and quality for healthcare products, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biologics, diagnostics, and digital health. Founded in 1976 as a neutral, nonprofit organization, RAPS supports and elevates the regulatory profession with education and training, professional standards, publications, research, networking, career development, and other valuable resources. RAPS is home to the Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC), the only post-academic professional credential to recognize regulatory excellence. The society is headquartered in suburban Washington, D.C., with chapters and affiliates worldwide. For more information, visit www.RAPS.org.

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