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Here are the answers to all of your mentoring questions

Thinking about becoming a mentee with Elemed’s Mentoring 2.0?

Here are our most popular questions from prospective mentees!

How is Elemed’s Mentoring 2.0 different to other professional development courses?

There are three core aspects of Elemed’s Mentoring 2.0 that make it extra special.

1. You will be matched with a handpicked mentor based on your personal experience and mentoring goals. Our mentors are senior experts and leaders within regulatory, quality and clinical from around the world
2. It is an inclusive program that welcomes professionals from medical device, IVD, biotech and pharma backgrounds, with mentors from a wide range of backgrounds (from high-growth startups and SMEs to Notified Bodies to global giants).
3. Other professional programs can be very rigid and time-intensive, following strict agendas that can be inflexible against the demands and changes of everyday life.

I have a very busy schedule and am worried about the time commitment. Just how flexible is Elemed’s Mentoring 2.0?

With Elemed’s Mentoring 2.0, we’ve said goodbye to strict start and end dates and a heavy-duty program of additional work and learning. Our re-imagined version has been designed to put all of the focus on you and your mentor, giving you the freedom to schedule your sessions around work and life! Just connect with your mentor to agree when, where and how you divide up your 6 hours of time together.

Can mentoring lead to a promotion?

14% of our 2021 mentees were promoted during or shortly after completing the program. And the ones that didn’t receive a promotion straight away still achieved fantastic results at work:

* 57% of mentees took on greater or new responsibilities
* 71% were included in meetings and conversations they weren’t before
* 87% had increased visibility within the company
* 42% had increased visibility within the industry
* 57% forged new or stronger relationships with their peers
* 57% were recognised by their manager or company

Can my employer enrol me on Elemed’s Mentoring 2.0 using our company training budget?

Absolutely! In fact, we’ve created a ready-made template you can use when requesting training budget PLUS a guide for employers which is all about how they’ll see business benefits and return on investment from enrolling you on the program.

I have a great manager. Is that the same as a having a mentor?

They are two very different things. Mentoring focuses on your long term goals, your soft skills development and is all about you. Management usually focuses on business operation and your performance in relation to your current role.

My company offers an internal mentoring program. Why is Elemed’s Mentoring 2.0 the better choice?

Elemed’s Mentoring 2.0 helps to broaden your thinking and your perspectives, bringing you insights and experience from senior professionals with a wealth of knowledge that you might not find internally. Many companies have blind spots that internal mentoring probably won’t pick up on, whereas Elemed’s Mentoring 2.0 can introduce you to a mentor from a diverse background, who can introduce new ways of thinking.

How many years of work experience do I need before becoming a mentee?

It’s less about years of work experience and more about your professional goals and progress. Even if you only have 1 year of experience but know that you want to learn from a senior professional who is experienced in your field, this is fine! Mentoring really focuses on you, your career aspirations and the skills you need to get there. So as soon as you think ‘yes! I want to focus on myself and developing in key areas and addressing my weaknesses and learning from someone who has already been in my position…” then the time is right.

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