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Hiring A Medical Device Consultant

hire a medical device consultant

Hiring A Medical Device Consultant

Sometimes hiring a medical device consultant is the best way to solve an internal problem.


Working in medical devices is fast-paced and demanding, with the journey from product ideation through to launch and post-market surveillance an exciting but sometimes challenging one. So, what happens when something unexpected slows down your workflow and progress. Examples we see regularly with our medical device and IVD clients include unexpected resignations, unplanned work absences such as long-term sickness or maternity leave, the announcement of new regulations, or the realisation that a very niche skill set is needed fast. The answer? Hiring a medical device contractor. 

In this medical device consultant 101 guide, we explain how to find a great interim professional who can solve your issues and keep the business moving forward. 

What is a medical device consultant?

A freelance medical device consultant is a highly experienced professional, usually with several years (at least) in their medical device specialism. They are experts in their fields, having built up lots of specialist knowledge from working on projects with a variety of companies and medical devices. We work with medical device consultants and contractors who specialise in the following areas – although this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • QMS 

  • Quality assurance

  • Regulatory affairs

  • CE marking

  • IVDR

  • MDR

  • Post-market surveillance

  • Gap analysis

  • Quality planning

  • Auditing

  • Clinical writing

  • Technical writing/reviewing

Medical device consultants can be hired to suit your working environment, whether this is fully onsite, hybrid or remote. This means that for hybrid or remote opportunities, you can tap into a wider network of contractors either region, country or world-wide!

5 benefits of hiring a medical device consultant

Medical device consultants = fast turnaround

One of the best aspects of hiring a medical device consultant on a contract is that they are usually available with short notice. At Elemed, we have an average shortlist turnaround time of 24-48 hours with our medical device contractors starting their new roles within 10 days. The speed of the process means that you can quickly relax knowing that whatever gap you’re facing or need you have to fill, it’s been taken care of. Medical device freelancers are also used to picking up projects quickly and hitting the ground running, so you know that they can start and get stuck in straight away.

There are lots of great reasons to hire a freelance medical device consultant. In our experience, the biggest benefits are:

Keep their expert knowledge in-house when they leave

When you hire a medical device consultant, you are bringing an expert into your business. The temporary nature of their contract means that this knowledge won’t stay for ever, but that’s not to say you can’t make the most of it while you have it. Set up team training so that your permanent colleagues can learn from your contractor, encourage job shadowing so that they can learn practical skills as the project progresses, and make sure that as their contract nears its end, they leave a detailed handover for a seamless transition.

Always ahead of the curve

Consultants aren’t weighed down by office politics, challenging company cultures, managing direct reports or employer admin. They fly solo and, because of this, they can focus all of their energy on staying up to date with the latest medical device industry updates including regulation changes or announcements and emerging trends.

Medical device consultants can be more cost-effective

The process of sourcing and hiring a contractor is usually short and sweet – a stark contrast to the sometimes very drawn-out and convoluted process of making a permanent hire. Plus, you can use them only for as long as you need, without worrying about the constraints of legal and HR constraints. This means you can scale up or down as your budget or project calls for.

Flexibility to suit your needs

If your project deadlines and deliverables change and you need to react quickly and flexibly, you can with a contract hire. You can extend or end a contract as required, without any obligation to the consultant.

How much do medical device consultants charge?

Medical device consultants are paid by the hour. Their rates can differ significantly based on specialism, years of experience and location. The best way to understand how much medical device contractors charge for their freelance contracts is by speaking to a recruitment consultant who is an expert in the requirements you are looking for. They can also negotiate on your behalf to make sure you find a fantastic freelance candidate who is within budget.

How to find the best medical device consultant for your needs

Elemed’s Associate Director – Contract Division Ahmed Salah says: “Needing a specialist’s opinion, having an unexpected absence to fill, wanting someone for a short-term project or looking for some extra support to get work over the line are just some of the reasons you might work with a medical device consultant. Sometimes an interim solution is the best solution, which is why medical device consultants can be the perfect stop gap or support you need within your company.”

There are lots of amazing medical device consultants in Europe and beyond. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we have a highly engaged community of them who are warm to our brand and ready to commit to a great opportunity. We deliver a 3:1 CV to placement ratio and have expert recruiters who are speaking to the best medical device consultants and contractors every day. Save yourself the stress and hassle of sourcing your own talent and let us help you find the right freelance medical device consultant candidates quickly and seamlessly. Get in touch to speak to an expert now.

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