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How happy employees can increase your ROI

Employee happiness

Why should employee happiness be your top priority? A research demonstrated that happiness made people around 12% more productive. Another research, from iOpener Institute, shows that happy employees stay in their job four times longer than unhappy ones.

So here are 8 secrets to employee happiness, which will help you keep your best talent, longer.

1. Create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Since your employees currently spend more time at home than they do at their work, make sure that they feel comfortable and happy. For example, you can help your employees create appropriate, productive spaces for remote work.

2. Make your employees feel valued.

Give credit, praise often, and recognise when the job is done.

3. Set up realistic and achievable goals.

This will avoid misunderstandings and will increase the chances of your employees hitting their goals. Finally, it will make them feel more fulfilled at work.

4. Include incentives.

This will motivate employees to achieve their goals, while showing them that they are appreciated and that you, as an employer/manager, care about them. Such incentives could be bonuses, a dress down Friday, flexible working hours, or health insurance.

5. Know their motivators.

Since each employee has different motivators, it would be a good idea to ask each one of them what motivates and encourages them. This will help them perform at their best, as well as create better engagement and happier teams.

6. Handle conflicts professionally.

It’s not professional to solve problems with one of your employees in front of the team because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to solve whatever problem quickly and behind closed doors.

7. Promote internal network events.

These events will help your employees build up relationships with colleagues, as well as get them to learn more about the company and its processes.

8. Support teamwork.

Ask your employees to create, as a group, mutual objectives and values. This will allow them to build up closer relationships and to create a positive and supportive environment.

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