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How to conduct a successful video interview during COVID-19 – Interviewees

How to conduct a successful video interview during COVID-19

Despite social distancing and the lockdown that COVID-19 has brought about, companies are still hiring for critical staff members and are doing so successfully virtually. Elemed shares with you our top tips for successfully progressing through a virtual interview process.

Tip 1 - Dress the part

It is very easy to fall into the habit of working in sweatpants and casual clothes as we are all working from home. However, if you have an interview wear what you usually would if you were to attend a personal interview on-site. Not only will this give you a level of confidence, but will also create a great impression on the interviewer that you made the effort.

Tip 2 - Pick the right location

Check your surrounding setting before an interview. Ensure that there are not any unnecessary props or distractions that will cause unnecessary deviation from the topics in hand. It is also a good idea to sit near your internet connection if you are aware the connection in your home is usually bad. There is nothing worse than buffering or time lags during an interview. Of course companies are being understanding of such disruptions but minimise the chance this will happen.

Tip 3 - Check your audio and video settings

Always log onto the video call at least 5 minutes beforehand. This will give you enough opportunity to ensure your video and audio settings are working well. It is also a great chance to check the light settings to ensure you are seen successfully over the video.

Tip 4 - Look into your camera

It is important to treat video calls as though they are the same as meeting in person. With computer screens, it is very easy to look away or look at items on the screen which will cause distraction. Close any other applications you have open to avoid any such distractions. Look directly into the camera so the interviewer feels as though you are making good eye contact and are engaged in the conversation.

Tip 5 - Practice beforehand

If this is your first video interview, you may want to practice beforehand. Record yourself on your computer to see how you performed and to get used to looking into the camera and avoiding distractions. This is also a great way to test sound quality and how your video appears.

All the best from everyone at Elemed ahead of your interview!

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