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How to explain employment gaps

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Employment gaps can occur for several reasons and are usually an awkward point in interviews. Have you ever wondered how to best explain them? We asked our Associate Director, Tamanna, to share with you her tips on what to consider.

What are the common reasons for employment gaps?

        • Redundancy
        • Sabbatical
        • Family health care issues
        • Parental leave
        • Change in career
        • Relocation

Use our small guide to overcome the feeling of employment gaps being the elephant in the room:

        • Before going to an interview make sure you are prepared on how you would answer such a question. You can be sure your interviewer will ask them so preparation is key.
        • Be open and honest. If you come across like you are unconfident or unsure about your employment gaps, it looks like you are trying to hide something.
        • When explaining employment gaps in an interview, it’s important to keep it brief. Bring it back to the job in question and your motivations/skills for the role.
        • Make sure to point out that the factor for the employment gap is no longer a problem in your life. For example: If you took time off to take care of a family member and they are feeling better now, make sure to mention it and show that you are confident to go back to work.
        • If your employment gap is on an account of unemployment, don’t be shy to mention other interview processes you are in at the moment. This will show the interviewer you are an on demand candidate. It is also important to point out you’re the person that goes for the right opportunity and not the first one that comes along.
        • It is totally up to you if you choose to have a gap in your career. Sometimes we all just need a break. Nevertheless your answer in an interview should always be constructive. For example, if you took time off to relax and catch up on all your Netflix series, explain this in an interview in a constructive way. A great way of portraying this is to say you took some time to rest on your wellness and recharge your battery.

Don’t get frustrated and discouraged from rejections based on employment gaps, see it from this angle instead: Companies should be more appreciative of the human factor among our lives. As long as you construct your answer well and are prepared there is nothing for you to fear.

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