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How to post on LinkedIn groups

Read our top tips on how to post in LinkedIn groups. If you haven’t joined our EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR & IVDR) discussion forum group yet, join us now!

Posting in a LinkedIn group

    • Go to the LinkedIn group
    • Click on “start a conversation in this group”
    • Write your post
    • Use “@” to mention people or companies
    • Use the Camera icon to add photos
    • Use the Video icon to add a video
    • Use the Document icon to share files
    • Add hashtags to help other members find your content
    • Click on post on the bottom right corner

Sharing a post from your feed in a LinkedIn group

    • Find the post you want to share in your feed
    • Click on “Share” under the post
    • Write a comment
    • At the top, next to your name, click on the ‘anyone’ visibility option
    • Select the option ‘group members’ and select the specific group you want to share your post in
    • Click “Post” on the bottom right corner

Golden rules for posting in LinkedIn groups

    • Only post relevant content
    • Quality over Quantity, less is more
    • Keep it professional
    • Post at different times of the day
    • Ask yourself ‘Is this valuable?’
    • Respond to comments on your post
    • Respect the Group guidelines

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