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How to write a great Quality Engineer Medical Devices Job Description

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How to write a great Quality Engineer Medical Devices job description

So, you want to write a great quality engineer job description, but what steps do you take before you start writing your quality engineer job description? You might consult with the quality division on what the job responsibilities and requirements should be (Remember, they are NOT the same!). Or you might also review previous job descriptions for your quality engineer roles and analyse what improvements could be made to tailor the new job description even better to the demands of the role… 

This is where we can help you, with our extensive experience in successfully placing great candidates in demanding quality engineer roles – we know a thing or two about writing a great quality engineer job description. Keep reading!

What is a Quality Engineer in medical devices

A quality engineer in a medical device company performs a vital preventative role in ensuring that the medical devices being produced are operating smoothly and are meeting health and safety requirements. A good quality engineer helps a company to maximise its resources for testing and troubleshooting products, negating delays in product launches. A quality engineer can also be responsible for getting a medical device successfully CE marked if this is required, reviewing and compiling technical documentation, and maintaining a QMS. A good quality engineer will also make sure that the final product is of high standard through rigorous testing and inspection activities.

In short, a great quality engineer will help a medical device company to stay ahead of the curve by upholding quality and not wasting time or resources. How do you ensure that you are in the best position to hire a top quality engineer? By writing a great quality engineer job description that will attract the best talent on the market.

Introducing your company in a great Quality Engineer job description

Quality engineers are thorough and have excellent attention to detail, so it’s important for you to be precise and informative throughout your quality engineer job description. You will want to start by explaining what makes your company and the role unique and why exactly a great candidate would be thrilled to join you. Remember, the opening lines are your chance to really connect with the reader to immerse them in the text and encourage an application! When you’ve written it, it’s worth asking yourself ‘if you were a great candidate, would you apply for this job?’ If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, think of how you can highlight the great perks that the job or your company can offer that might differentiate it from competitors.

Soft skills to highlight in a great Quality Engineer job description

When discussing job responsibilities, it is worth thinking of soft skills that are crucial to your company’s way of working and identity. After all, it’s important for a new hire to not only be proficient at their job but to also form a bond with the rest of the team and to be able to fully get behind the company’s mission and culture.

Quality engineers need important teamworking skills to liaise with other departments when compiling technical documentation and when troubleshooting and testing. Quality engineers can benefit from being ‘agile’ and able to work well with the latest methods. Quality engineers can be exemplary when they display an enthusiasm towards a ‘hands-on’ approach. If you pinpoint the soft skills that are vital to your role, in addition to laying out the required experience and relevant background, you are in a great position to attract candidates that have the right blend of experience and personality that can end up being great cultural fits.

Language to use when writing a great Quality Engineer job description

It’s important to keep your job description as exciting as possible, whilst remaining clear and transparent. A good way to sell the role to a great prospective quality engineer candidate could be to include something like: 

Are you looking to join a growing company and play a critical role within their quality department? 

Do you enjoy working on testing and managing the manufacturing side of things? 

Do you want to work for an inclusive company where you will be part of a close knit team?

Messaging like this helps convey the importance of the role to the candidate, informs that they need to be hands-on, and that the company desires someone who will become fully ingrained in the team. When your job description is clear but exciting, your chances of receiving a great application increases!

Mistakes to avoid when writing a great Quality Engineer job description

You will want to make sure the reader has a full understanding of what the job role will entail, and what sort of person the job will require. Make sure to use clear language throughout the job description and avoid using too much jargon – keep the job description at the right length so it isn’t unnecessarily long but also covers what you want to say and manages to portray an attractive picture of the job and company.

How to attract the most suitable candidates with a great Quality Engineer job description

Now you know some key tips when it comes to writing a great quality engineer job description. But are you short on time/don’t want to do it yourself? Our recruitment team have extensive experience in placing Quality engineer jobs and can expertly tailor job descriptions to match the profiles that companies are looking for.

So why not download a free quality engineer job template by filling in the form below, to provide you with a great outline to base your own job descriptions on! Alternatively, if you want a more customised job description, you can contact our experienced recruitment team at hello@elemed.eu

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