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Find Contractors, Consultants and Freelancers​
specialising in Regulatory, Quality and Clinical

We work with an extensive network of consultants, contractors and
freelancers who specialise in:​

Quality assurance
Regulatory affairs
CE marking
Post-market surveillance
Gap analysis
Quality planning
Clinical writing
Technical writing/reviewing

And more!

3:1 CVs to placement ratio

24-48 hours average shortlist turnaround

Have someone start within 10 days

Ask yourself:

Has someone in your team just resigned?
Are you suffering from MDR/IVDR workload overload?
Do you not have enough resources to deal with immediate project promises?
Do you need an Interim solution to solve unexpected work absences?
Are you recruiting a very specialist skillset that you can’t find anywhere?

Introducing Elemed Interim – here to solve all your interim and flexible hiring needs

Why hire an Elemed Interim contractor, freelancer or consultant?


Contractors are typically available at relatively short notice and will support you with critical businesss needs.

Subject matter experts

Having a subject matter expert for a particular project can be crucial. Whether that's a Qualified Person, Regulatory Affairs Consultant, MDR/IVDR expert etc., having a different perspective can add a huge amount of value to any team.

Temporary Cover

Whether its maternity leave, sick leave or peak season annual leave, contractors can be very helpful short-term solutions. Hiring permanent people for your team can take time - on average between 3-6 months. Contractors can ease pressure off workload.

No Long Term Commitment

Be flexible when it comes to projects and deliverables. Hire people for specific needs depending on what is coming up for your business. If your company needs to adjust your budgets, you aren’t obligated to renew a contract after it ends.

Let's work together

We can help you to:

Hire exceptional specialists quickly

Achieve your business goals

Ensure complete compliance

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