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Multiple job offers? Alleviate the anxiety with these helpful pointers.

Congratulations. You’ve been through several interviews and now you find yourself with multiple job offers. You are lucky and in a great place to be! You get great vibes from the companies, the roles and the work locations. You’re suddenly confused. How can you possibly choose?

Sleep on it

Never let a company or a recruiter rush you into making a decision. Adhere to timelines and important deadlines, but don’t ever rush or allow yourself to be forced into making a decision. It’s your life, your career and you need to be content with the role you choose. You might have big plans, to become a VP and build a fantastic career for yourself. It’s a tough decision and it shouldn’t be rushed. You are allowed to take your time on it.

Take time to reflect and answer these questions:

      • Is this the career I want?
      • Is this the company I would like to work for?
      • Are these the people I want to spend the next five years with?

Location, location, location

Will you be able to commute to the new offices without a daily battle to get there? You’ll have to choose the place where you are most likely to arrive with the least amount of troubles, preferably still fresh and in a good place to start your day.

If you still have unanswered questions, ask.

Did you ask enough questions at the interview? Did you find out about the lunch hour, the team dynamics, the socials, what time people tend to go home and is remote work possible? Don’t feel weird asking the questions that are important to you. The interview is for your benefit as much as it is for the employer. Get to know them and explore further. If you still have unanswered questions, try to find out the answers either directly or indirectly. Elemed is always here to help

Don’t assume. Be specific.

Dig deeper into the technical side of things. Especially from a regulatory and quality perspective, the job you choose should be challenging and interesting. Ask all the technical and critical questions from the quality manager or the vice-president within regulatory. When is the next product launch? How do they manage their QMS? What are their plans for MDR?

It shouldn’t feel awkward discussing these questions. A reasonable employer will welcome your questions and give you credit for asking them. In turn, you will gain further insight and your decision will be based on facts rather than guesses and assumptions.

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