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Elemed's Career Progression Plan

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What is it?

A career progression plan is a roadmap which details the means by which your employee will move forward in their career and advance through your company.

Having a career progression plan will, therefore, allow you to better understand the stages of career development that your employees are working towards, but also what they expect to get out of their role.

A recent study conducted by Elemed identified that:

    • 73.33% of respondents do not have a clear career progression plan within their company
    • 68.89% of those that do, do not feel their company is supporting them to achieve this
    • 30% of the people surveyed, do not feel comfortable approaching their company to discuss their career development and 45.7% feel there is no opportunity to progress within their current company

Therefore, employers who show interest in their employees’ career development are more likely to motivate, engage and retain their employees.

Employees who have a clear career development plan and who regularly meet with their manager to discuss it are more engaged, fulfilled and excited about their work.

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