Future Leader Sessions: Managing and Motivating Others

Future Leader Sessions:
Managing and Motivating Others

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future leader sessions

Get practical, first-hand advice from Medtech leaders about how to manage and motivate others. Topics covered will include:

  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Managing performance
  • Engaging and motivating your team
  • Inspiring trust
  • Effective communication

Get practical advice for questions such as:

How to manage a team in a difficult environment (financial difficulties, no incentives policy such as bonus, no financial leverage, moving decisions)?

What are the most valuable lessons you have learned about leadership while managing and motivating others?

How do you manage internal conflict between two members of your team?

How do handle difficult conversations and what do you actually say?

Watch Future Leader Sessions: Managing and Motivating Others - now

For actionable advice and experience-led tips on how to manage and motivate your team and become a better leader.

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