Gender Distribution Report

Gender Distribution Report 2023

How do you compare?

Benchmark against other countries, company sizes and the market status quo

What does gender distribution in the MedTech regulatory, quality and clinical workforce look like?​

Introducing elemed’s Gender Distribution Report – the first of its kind to focus solely on regulatory, quality and clinical within Medtech. 

How does gender distribution within your company compare to other companies in your location or of your size? How does it differ between functions? Do you have a ‘broken rung’ high up the career ladder within your business?

Find out now.

Get answers to these questions:

What is the gender distribution by...

function and country?

country and company size?

country and seniority level

What is the gender distribution in leadership roles by country?

What is the gender distribution of employment in leadership roles relative to the total workforce by country?

Support from the industry

“AdvaMed is dedicated to fostering diversity and innovation in the medtech industry through AdvaMed Advance®, which aims to unlock the full potential of all talent. We are pleased with elemed's report on progress in regulatory and clinical roles and will continue to promote diversity across all industry roles through our programs for members.”
Jennifer Brearey, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, AdvaMed, Executive Director, AdvaMed Advance
“RAPS’s mission is to develop and sustain a competent global regulatory workforce, and bringing in diverse stakeholders with different perspectives is critical to that vision. It is encouraging to see that these data align closely with the outputs from RAPS’s biennial RAPS 2022 Global Compensation and Scope of Practice Report. Close alignment in gender distribution in the regulatory function has been visible for the past few cycles. Elemed’s study correlates with and augments understanding in this key area of importance.”
Bill McMoil, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS)
“Ensuring gender equality is not only the right thing to do, but the business case for a more diverse workforce has already been proven, with many tangible benefits for the employer, employee, economy and wider society. It is therefore really pleasing to see in this latest research from elemed that HealthTech regulatory is ahead of the gender distribution curve. However, as the report points out, there is still work to be done to achieve parity, and to make the workplace more inclusive.

At ABHI, we remain committed to supporting HealthTech companies to ensure that ours is a truly diverse and inclusive industry, and one fit to meet the needs of the people we serve.”
Steve Lee, Director of Diagnostics Regulation at ABHI

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We recommend using this report to benchmark your own company – how do you compare against other countries, company sizes and the market status quo?

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