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World Quality Day 2023

Eric Klasen – founder of Waypoint LS Consulting and former VP RA & Quality at Medtronic – discusses changing the RA narrative to business, the importance of an anything-is-possible approach, what business leaders really want from their RA team, and more.

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Annette Brüls | The CEO Mum

Annette Brüls, CEO of Medela, share insights into balancing a highly successful career and motherhood, why fewer women make it into leadership roles, how companies can support mums who are returning to work, and much more!

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Steve C de Baca | The Godfather Moment: The Power of Risktaking

Steve C de Baca, Chair of Patient Safety and Quality Officer at Philips, speaks on how a singular letter changed the trajectory of his career (for the better!), as well as on ‘analysis paralysis’, where companies become so driven by fear that they don’t want to take risks in fixing broken things, and so much more!

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