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Hiring for post market surveillance medical device jobs

Your new, cutting-edge medical device has been designed and tested, and is ready to get out into the world to start making a difference to patients around the world. You have a stellar go-to-market strategy in place and can’t wait to show your customers just what your new medical device can do. But how do you make sure your medical device stays safe and effective once it’s on the market? Post market surveillance is the answer. This system – which is a regulatory requirement for medical devices in Europe and the US – enables continuous feedback about your new product in the market, with a view to maintaining a high standard of product quality.

It’s important to get your post market surveillance system working well. The benefits include being able to improve your medical device and deliver better results for your customers, and catching any problems before they happen at scale. Implementing a post market surveillance plan isn’t as simple as it sounds though. As a regulatory requirement, post market surveillance comes with a whole host of obligations and responsibilities that can make it feel overwhelming.

Hiring a talented professional who specialises in post market surveillance for medical devices is the best way to ensure that your system is enabled effectively, efficiently and with full compliance. Read on for the 3 sure signs that your post market surveillance candidate is great at what they do!

Core post market surveillance medical device job competencies 💪

There are certain core competencies that every excellent post market surveillance professional should have. Your   checklist should include direct experience leading post market/complaint handling and vigilance activities. If they have a  Bachelor’s degree in engineering or science degree that’s a bonus! Perfect candidates will have 3-5 years of related experience in the medical device industry too. You’ll also need to look for someone who has demonstrable experience in regulatory audits, incident reporting and working to medical device regulations including MDR and ISO13485.

Standout post market surveillance medical device job skills 🧠

It’s not all about the person’s hands-on post market surveillance experience. A great PMS professional will have soft skills that really shine. You need someone who can confidently make decisions and effectively communicate detailed, technical information and strategic decisions to colleagues at every level across the business. Post market surveillance is all about processes, so your dream candidate should excel in implementing, optimising and driving processes across organisations. They will have a keen eye for trend analysis, with a commitment to accountability and a strong customer focus. You should also look out for candidates who show the ability to think quickly, react confidently and work efficiently in the face of a problem or complaint.

  1. Unrivalled passion – even for regulations ❤️

Look for someone who doesn’t just know MDR from IVDR, but who lives and breathes them. A great post market surveillance candidate will be passionate about every last detail of their work, down to the smallest regulatory requirement. They will thrive in the face of compliance and love the challenge of watching a great medical device work its wonders for customers whilst looking for ways to improve and optimise its performance.

Elemed’s Associate Director for the Permanent Division gives the following advice to businesses looking to hire for post market surveillance medical device positions:

“”Finding the right person for your post market surveillance medical device job can be tricky, but it’s worth putting the time and effort into finding a great fit. Don’t see it as just finding someone to help meet your regulatory requirements. Instead, view it as an opportunity to find someone who will bring passion, insight and commitment to your medical device and to your customers.”

What happens when you find your perfect post market surveillance candidate? 🤝

So you’ve found your ideal post market surveillance professional – what now? The worst possible outcome is that they decline your offer or take a job elsewhere. Excellent candidates are worth fighting for, so be prepared to pay close attention to their expectations and motivations. Do they want a few days working from home each week? Are they financially motivated and expect an annual bonus on top of base pay? Maybe taking care of their mental health is a top priority for them and they’re looking for a role with genuine support. Whatever it is that your candidate is looking for in their dream job, if they are your dream candidate it is worth being flexible and meeting their expectations where you can. Don’t just take our word for it – we have data in our Talent Insights Report that shows how work-life balance is extremely important to candidates – 91% of participants expect their company to offer flexible working hours and 73% expect the possibility of working from home.

Where to start with hiring for your post market surveillance medical device job?

If you’re ready to find your perfect post market surveillance professional but aren’t sure where to start, we can help! We have a network of over 15,000 medical device and IVD professionals, and have lots of experience filling exclusive roles. Our network includes some of the best post market surveillance medical device talent in Europe, with many of our professionals waiting on their perfect next career step. These aren’t people sending out their CVs every day in the hope that they find the right position – they are relying on our help to bring the dream position to them. post market surveillance medical device jobIf you want to find out more about how we can help connect you to your perfect post market surveillance candidate, get in touch today!

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