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Responsibilities vs. Results

A frequent mistake that people make when they write their CVs is that they copy and paste their job descriptions. Many job-seekers try to outline their experience by using a bullet-point list centered around the daily tasks they did at their former job. 

Yet simply listing responsibilities will not give the recruiter or business leader all the information they need. For one, it does not tell them how good you actually were at executing said tasks and it does nothing to differentiate you from other candidates who might have had the exact same role.

Your value as a potential employee will be appraised by looking at the value you have created for your previous employers. You can showcase value through focusing on the outcomes your work has produced, rather than on the activities you did. Do it by adding bullet points dedicated to your results in each job description or create a separate section for your accomplishments.

Here are three ways to quantify results:

1. Numbers

If you have increased profits or saved the company money in any way, don’t think twice about including it. If you have optimized something, you can use percentages – for example, “I made [process] 20% faster/ more accurate”. Another metric you can use is the number of clients or employees that have benefitted from your work.

2. Promotions, Awards, Projects

A common type of accomplishments are milestone-type ones, like getting promoted or receiving an award for your work. Even being put in charge of an internal project or called in to be part of a committee can be proof of being valued as a professional by your employer or industry.

3. Progress Goals

For hard to quantify achievements, turn to your performance reviews for inspiration. Look at what your goals were and how well you accomplished them, then list your progress. ‘Progress’ can also be getting assigned more complex projects or receiving additional responsibilities, compared to when you started out in the job. 

Including the results you have delivered on your CV is instrumental in boosting the conversion rate of your applications.

Key Takeaway: When you write your CV, focus more on your performance in the role than on the responsibilities.

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