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Stumbling to Success: Lessons Learnt By A CEO | Bill Hunter, CEO and Founder of Canary Medical

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✨ Introduction

In the first episode of Career Diaries for 2024, we kick off with a captivating conversation with Dr. Bill Hunter, the founder and CEO of Canary Medical. As we delve into Bill’s journey, we explore not only his remarkable past but also gaze into the promising landscape of 2024 for Canary Medical. A key theme of our discussion revolves around the concept of stumbling into success, a notion that adds a unique twist to Bill’s narrative.

Background and Unlikely Beginnings

Bill describes himself as an ordinary kid who dreams of becoming a doctor. His journey, however, took unexpected turns, starting with his work in graduate school leading to the creation of the drug-coated stent. Initially considering it a one-year research project, the success of this endeavour saw Bill spend nearly 20 years at the helm of Angiotech, a company that dominated the world market. The episode explores the transformative power of bioactive implants, a vision that didn’t unfold as anticipated but laid the groundwork for the intersection of data and medical devices.

Medtech's Evolution and the Birth of Canary

Reflecting on the success of Angiotech, Bill envisions a future where every device is equipped with sensors, a concept he’s pursuing with Canary Medical. He emphasizes the convergence of data and medical devices as the next significant wave, ushering in the era of smart implants. The interview delves into Bill’s role as the founder and CEO, drawing distinctions between founding a company and stepping into a leadership role in an existing one.

Lessons from Leadership

Transitioning into discussions on failure, Bill candidly shares three crucial leadership lessons. The first underscores the unpredictability of roles within a startup, advising founders to be flexible in ownership allocation. The second lesson emphasizes the significance of personal well-being amid the demands of a startup. Bill stresses the need to prioritize self-care and exercise, drawing from his personal journey of shedding 50 pounds. The third lesson explores the delicate balance between career, family, and personal ambitions, a triad where choices are inevitable, and wise decisions become paramount.

Navigating Work-Life Integration

Bill offers his perspective on separating work and life, admitting to integrating life into his job. He emphasizes the importance of scheduling personal time and managing life comprehensively rather than moving from one appointment to another.

Prioritization and Overcoming Overwhelm

Addressing the challenge of overwhelming schedules, Bill shares his method of prioritizing tasks by blocking time for crucial activities. He introduces the concept of “rocks” – allocating time for significant work to prevent the overflow of responsibilities

Company Growth and Culture Evolution

The conversation shifts to the growth stages of a company, detailing the evolution of the CEO role and company culture. Bill highlights the impact of employee numbers on culture, from managing personalities in the early stages to introducing professionals and structured processes in later phases. The discussion offers valuable insights into attracting the right talent and maintaining a startup mentality even as the company grows.

Challenges of Rapid Growth

Bill outlines a unique process he implements during periods of rapid growth, ensuring alignment between the company’s chaos and the expectations of new hires. This last-stage interview provides transparency about the challenges and allows candidates to reassess their fit within the evolving organizational landscape.

Building Lasting Relationships in Small Companies

Bill emphasized the importance of relationships in small companies, where he believes it’s not just about the candidate bringing value to the company but also about what the company can offer to the candidate. He highlighted the significance of having open discussions with candidates about the company culture, work environment, and expectations, leading to long-lasting relationships.

CEO's Career Path and Experience

When discussing the path to becoming a CEO, Hunter shared his unconventional career journey, stating that he never climbed the traditional corporate ladder. He suggested that for those aspiring to be CEOs in startups or smaller businesses, it’s crucial to excel in a specific domain, surround oneself with diverse talents, and gain a broad understanding of various aspects of the business.

Challenges and Stumbling Blocks in a Career

Reflecting on challenges in his career, Hunter referenced the CEO of 3M, highlighting the concept of stumbling into success. He identified three main reasons for small companies facing difficulties: technological failures, financial constraints, and inertia. Additionally, he stressed the importance of continuous movement and learning from failures.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Entrepreneurship

Hunter cautioned against the misconception of equating ownership with control, emphasizing the need to focus on building a successful business rather than maintaining majority ownership. He also shared his experience of the downsides of success, urging entrepreneurs to think five years ahead and ensure a steady pipeline of innovations.

Canary Medical's Unique Position

Discussing Canary Medical’s role at the cross-section of digital and medical devices, Hunter outlined the challenges of merging two distinct talent bases—data scientists and traditional engineers. Despite the differences, he highlighted the positive outcomes of bringing these diverse perspectives together, fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of the medtech industry.

The Future of Digital Health

Looking ahead to 2024, Hunter expressed his vision for Canary Medical’s role in advancing personalized care through digital means. He sees the company contributing to the integration of data into medical practices, diagnostics, and ultimately providing patients with a continuous and personalized healthcare experience.

Legacy and Motivation

In closing, Hunter shared his personal motivation, expressing a deep passion for invention and pushing boundaries. He aspires to be remembered for moving the field of digital health forward, emphasizing the importance of relying on data rather than intuition for a better healthcare future.

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