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The 5 golden rules of LinkedIn

With 500 million users and 250 million monthly active users, linkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. You can use LinkedIn to find a job, connect and strengthen professional relationships, or even learn new skills. Here are some absolute basics that you need to keep in mind when using LinkedIn.

Give credit where it’s due

There are hundreds of articles that flow through your feed every day, many of which you can relate to and want to share with the rest of your network. BUT, it is sort of plagiarism when you share someone else’s content without mentioning the source. LinkedIn allows you to share someone else’s content, but make sure that you are tagging them in your post, as well as mentioning what inspired you about their article.


It’s a great practice to reply to comments or thank someone when they engage with your content. This is one of the best ways you can engage with your network. Hack: the LinkedIn algorithm pays special attention to the number of comments on a post. Having more comments on your post will help you gain more visibility.

Interact with your network

LinkedIn is a social networking platform first and foremost. Though a lot of content is business-related, it provides great opportunities to engage with people in similar fields of work. There are several ways in which you can interact with other professionals on the platform.

Sharing posts about your thoughts, ideas and experiences will help you reach a larger group of people and enhance your chances of connecting with other professionals.

For example, in a LinkedIn group for a technology you are working on, you can ask a question or share a best practice tip and connect with people who comment on that post at a professional level.

Being Mindful

It’s important to be conscious of the kind of posts you are endorsing or sharing. When you like or comment on a post, be aware that your whole network is going to see the content you engaged with. So, it’s best to stay non-controversial and professional while you are here.

Connect with a Purpose

When you are trying to connect with people you don’t know on the platform, write a personal note as to why you would like to connect with them when you are sending them an invite to join your network. The person on the other side is more likely to accept your invitation when he/she sees that they hold something common with you.

The bottom line is to keep adding value to the platform, connecting with the right people and it will surely benefit you in the long run.

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