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The Best Tips to standout in Job Interviews

For a hiring manager, an interview is an opportunity to learn more about a candidate and determine whether he/she is suitable for the role. On the other hand, this is a chance for the candidate to find out more about the company and understand the expectations set out for the role she/he is applying for. It is very common for hiring managers to invite candidates to ask any questions they may have, once they finish their usual Q&A session. The kind of questions asked by candidates will provide the hiring manager with insights on the candidate’s knowledge about the role, their expectations and their motivation.

Tip: Don’t say- “I have no questions to ask”

When a hiring manager gives you the opportunity to ask questions, never pass it off saying you don’t have any. Take this opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other candidates by asking meaningful and relevant questions that will engage the hiring manager into a small discussion.

For example, you could always ask questions like – “As an Assistant Manager, what would my day-to-day responsibilities look like?” or

“What are some important values that this company would like its employees to imbibe? I would like to understand how I can incorporate these values in my work activities.”

Tip: Ask the right questions

Asking the right, meaningful, questions gets the interviewer interested and gives you an opportunity to engage in a more in-depth conversation about the company and the role. This is your chance to better understand the company’s expectations for this specific role.

For example, you may ask – “What are the main targets to be achieved in the next two months?” or “What does success look like in this position, and how do you measure it?“

Also, make sure to ask questions that are suited to the person interviewing you. If the HR Manager is conducting your interview, it makes sense to ask him questions around the company’s culture, values, opportunities for professional development…

Tip: Don’t wing it! Prepare your questions before-hand

It is very useful to put some forethought into your questions. You don’t want to come across sounding like you are deliberately asking a question just because you must impress the hiring manager. Too many candidates ask close ended questions that don’t encourage further discussion.

For example, you could research the kind of products the company makes, as well as its competitors in the market, and ask something as follows – “I’ve noticed that {Competitor’s company Name} is a local competitor of {Company Name} when it comes to producing {Product Name}. What strategies have enabled you to stay a step ahead in the market?”

This type of question will show the interviewer that you have carried out some research about the company and that you are interested in better understanding the companies’ competitive advantage.

To put in a nutshell, there are many ways in which you can have a meaningful conversation with hiring managers during an interview process, which will show them your knowledge, your vision, your interests and why you are a good fit for the role.

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