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The enigma of the Regulatory Rabbit

Regulatory Rabbit

@regulatoryrabbit_16. That’s me. It does sound a little silly, but there’s two good reasons I came up with this name:

1. Rabbits are great animals. Seriously. There is a reason that it was a rabbit leading Alice to Wonderland and there’s more than meets the eye to them. They do see and hear really well and they’re curious – totally me, by the way. Also they’re mostly harmless, which is what I’m trying to tell people, too: That I (a regulatory affairs specialist) and the regulations that I’m using everyday, are mostly harmless as well! So don’t get upset or insulted by the regulations, it’s nothing personal! (They even serve a good cause, you know).

2. The only other thing I could come up with is @regulatoryroadblock. Tiny pinch of irony there because I’m sure roadblock is what I’m more or less lovingly referred to quite frequently by my beloved colleagues. Ah, I can see the sales director roll his eyes the moment I say “I have one question to this”. And that’s the same person that will assure me a couple of weeks later that he will do everything to assure we will obtain this confirmation of registration from the Authorised Rep…. *rolls eyes*.

Regulatory Rabbit

Back to the rabbit fact-check… (had to look this up online to fill the huge unacceptable knowledge gap that immediately opened up after choosing regulatoryrabbit_16. Apparently, rabbits have near 365° vision and can rotate their ears 270°, so it should be really difficult to sneak up on them. Like a good RA professional I’d like to say. Always on the watch, always screening the surroundings, attentive and well informed (because inattentive might break your neck, too!). So, who is this strange regulatoryrabbit_16, I hear you ask??

I’m a Regulatory professional in the medical device industry. An analytical, systematic person and I love to read. So after my studies of biology and being somewhat fed up with the lab work (biggest understatement ever), I had a feeling this would be quite suitable for me. Four years into the QA/RA experience in industry, I know that was right.

Regulatory Rabbit

Why regulatory? I like to read both the lines themselves and between them, try to figure out how something is meant, where the person who wrote it came from. And that’s not always easy, because, it’s not usually written by a single person, but a whole committee. A committee with competing interests and different levels of understanding (if any!) about the matter at hand. Haha, I guess that was mean. Nothing personal, dear European Commission! And you, my lucky readers, are about to get a glimpse into the rabbit hole of …the MDR transition.

Say goodbye to wasting time and money on digitising your regulatory activities.


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