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The one phrase to avoid saying in interviews

When it comes to giving interviews, one must be very self conscious about what they are going to say to the interviewer. Therefore, it is conscientious to prepare what not to say in advance as well, so that chances of making through the interview are not harmed.

There are certain jargons unknowingly used by candidates in interviews quite regularly that interviewers would consider as red flags. One such commonly used phrase is – “I’m not actively looking for a new job”.

This article discusses the typical thought process of a candidate sitting in an interview versus the recruiting manager. Read on to know what things you say could be perceived as red flags by an interviewer.

“I already have a secure job.. Maybe I should not appear too interested. I may come across as a desperate candidate”.

It is especially observed that employed professionals working in markets with high job security like regulatory and clinical often give a wrong message to the interviewer when they say – “I’m not actively looking for a new job”.

While the usage of this phrase has become somewhat of a trend, it would negatively impact the candidate’s chances of moving through the interviewing process and securing that dream job!

From the candidate’s perspective, you may be trying to give an impression of being open and transparent. You might try putting across the idea that you are not desperately looking for a new job and have the leisure to be selective about the roles you are applying for.

However, what the interviewer understands from his end is that you are not 100% invested in the opportunity. The point of the interview is completely lost on him. As a candidate, your primary aim should be to convince him that you are the right person for the job.

The right man for the job!

You need to show the recruiter that you are a great candidate because you have the right skill set, and necessary experience and the enthusiasm to make great things happen. Showing interest and zeal in a good opportunity can never bode ill for you!

It’s best to cut this phrase out from your vocabulary as it is not going to help you move forward in interviews. It’s advisable to always be open to the right opportunities and project the same to the hiring manager.

Would you like to take a look at my references?

When you say – “Would you like to go through my references? ” it’s a red flag to the recruiter . Entice the interviewer with what value you can offer to the company. Suggesting that they go through your references is seen as a sign of desperation.

Be clear and confident on what value you can offer by taking up the role, how your skill set is relevant and express confidence in your abilities throughout the duration of the interview and you should be set.

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