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The winning CV formula

You know that your CV is your calling card that will get you through the door of a company and land you an interview. How can you make sure it doesn’t end up amongst the deleted items of someone’s mailbox? Cover these three crucial areas and you’ve just ensured yourself that your CV is not only opened but read and marked as a potential.

1. Make it informative

Sell your best aspects by using short paragraphs and bullet points showcasing your experience and how you’ll add value to organizations. Don’t make it too long. Only keep relevant information that focuses on key responsibilities and activities and what you’ve achieved in those positions.

Don’t just go and copy-paste your LinkedIn CV. That’s lazy. Always make an effort to create the best calling card you possibly can.

2. Readability is key

Less is more still rules. Give colours, pictures, avatars, humour and crazy formatting a break. The way to stand out is by carefully crafting the information (see above) that you want to set out for the hiring manager. Is your CV screaming expert? If not, work on it until it does. You can add personality at the interview. You only have a few short seconds to impress someone who’s reading yours. Make sure they remember you for being outstanding in your field.

3. Be specific

Don’t be tempted to fire out 50 applications with the same CV. Hiring managers and HR can smell a lack of motivation from miles away. Have a specific CV for each application and company demonstrating how your skills are related to their unique requirements. Sit down and spend some time researching and match your skills to the post. Making information obvious to the person who’s reading it can fast forward your application to the next stage….. and who doesn’t want to end up in the “potentials” pile?

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