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3 ways to climb the Medical Devices career ladder

So you’ve chosen the MedTech industry as your path. Or it has chosen you and you’re pleased how things are going. You’ve seen others succeed and you wonder if it was accidental, or if there’s more to it. There is. Your expertise, people skills and core values determine a great deal.

Leaders, experts and independents. Which one are you now and where are you heading? Read on to find out how to climb the Medical Devices career ladder.

The Leader

Leadership is the most obvious thing people think about when it comes to career progression. Move up and assume the responsibility of a group of people.

You need to be more than that. A great people-person, at the very least, enjoys working with, mentoring and developing people.

Now, if you’re a subject matter expert and you love the day to day details of your job and if you are on the way to becoming a leader, you need to accept that in order to give time to people and to develop them, you’ll inevitably have less time for the small details. Are you willing to adjust?

If you’re someone who is genuinely interested in the “big picture” and thrives working with people, spending time helping, mentoring and developing them, becoming a leader is a step in the right direction.

The Expert

An expert is someone who has significant experience and knowledge on a certain topic.

This person is responsible for high profile projects and is the go-to person in their company for a certain topic. It could be someone who is not necessarily working for a medical device manufacturer but could be permanently employed by a consultancy.

Experts are highly experienced in technical areas. This is a great opportunity and career progression path for someone who enjoys the day-to-day details of their job as well as working on complex projects.

The Independent (aka the Freelancer, Contractor or Consultant)

The Independents are self-employed and paid on an hourly or a daily basis. For some, this arrangement may feel a little risky as you don’t always know where your next project is coming from and a lot of them are short-term.

What are the benefits of being an Independent (aka Freelancer, Contractor, Consultant)?

Variety. Choose your own projects that you want to work on. You decide what your job looks like on a day-to-day basis.

Flexibility. If your aim is a work-life balance and flexibility, you can fit your projects around your own timetable.

Sales development. If you’re somebody with entrepreneurial skills who enjoys dealing with people, sales, business development, and technical competency, being an Independent provider will allow you to combine all these skills.

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