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We specialise in regulatory, quality and clinical roles across all seniorities.
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Frequently asked questions

Do you recruit for permanent or project-based vacancies?

Both! We recruit for both permanent and project positions.

The benefits of hiring a permanent employee include:

  • Keeping your talented hire’s skills and expertise in your team for a long time
  • Building a stable, loyal and efficient team
  • Attracting talented people who want the stability of a permanent opportunity
  • Having someone who is invested in your company’s growth
  • Having someone on-hand who knows the business well to quickly cover a task or share knowledge

    Projecy hires can be perfect for when:
      • You need to hire someone quickly for a temporary solution
      • You need to bring a subject matter expert in fast
      • You want to hire flexibly in line with changing business needs and budget
      • You have an unexpected absence that needs filling critically
      • You need expert support with a specific project or would like to outsource part of your process to a partner

        Not sure whether a permanent or interim hire is the right strategy? Contact us to discuss your options.
Can I work with a recruitment agency if we already have a talent acquisition team?

Absolutely! As specialists in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and clinical, acquisition teams love the insights we can share so that they can make better hiring decisions. These include salary benchmarking data, candidate pool sizing and market trends. Hiring is ultimately about relationships and  through Elemed, TA teams get immediate access to a highly engaged network of prospects and relationships which have taken years to nurture.

I need to fill an extremely niche role. Can you help?

Niche roles are our speciality. We work exclusively with regulatory, quality and clinical roles within medical devices and IVDs, and have spent many years curating our understanding of the skills, training and knowledge that these roles require. This means that when you present us with a very niche role, we know exactly who to look for and where to look.

We also have a fantastic response rate to our outreach – even from candidates who aren’t yet in market – because they are already highly engaged with our brand and trust us.

What happens if the successful candidate doesn't work out?

We take extra measures to make the best match the first time round. Our unique recruiting methodology blends competency based questions, testing, referencing and AI matching.

We also enrol all successful candidates on to our career acceleration scheme. This ensures they are highly engaged when they start with you and also leads to increased retention!

If  – on the rare chance it doesn’t work out – we’ll find a replacement candidate for free.

How much do you charge?

We have a range of different service plans and payment options available to suit your needs and budget. Get in touch for a quote.

I have a sensitive hire - can you help?
Absolutely- 28% of our roles last year were sensitive hires. Talk to our team to learn more about how we can help.
I want to upskill my team - can you help?

Absolutely! We have a number of initiatives that can help to develop your team members and get the best from them. Learn more here. 

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