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Why does work-life balance seem like mission impossible?

How do other people do it? Spend all day at work taped to their desks until late, then rush home, run a household, a marriage and possibly care for children. You can’t even imagine having hobbies or free time.

There is another way, and it’s becoming more and more accessible for many. Companies are actively allowing or even encouraging employees to work from home or have other flexible arrangements. It is becoming increasingly recognised that just because someone has daily childcare routine or family responsibilities and leaves on time at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean they’re less willing to excel at work.

These days both employers and candidates are concerned about the work-life balance and the necessity of work environments that support family needs.

Work from home

Cutting out travelling time can increase your productivity for the day significantly. Just a few years ago, working from home was perhaps a fancy curiosity that only entrepreneurs did. Not any more. In MedTech, home-based options are more accessible with companies actively encouraging the trend.

If you have family responsibilities and you would benefit from this arrangement but it’s currently not an option, talk to your manager and explore the possibility. Start small, say one day per week, and prove that you can provide superior work from home.

Organise, organise, and organise

If you want to leave on time, you need to be on top of things from the start of the day so things don’t overrun and end you up having to do overtime. Mastering time management takes time and patience. Use technology to keep you afloat and always a step ahead.

Build a mutually nurturing relationship with your co-workers

Don’t forget about your co-workers and managers. You are all there to support each other even when it comes to work-life balance. You can’t do balance alone. Just because you have a family, it doesn’t entitle you to shorter days or always having the first choice in the vacation calendar. Be kind and when someone needs help or step out for a hospital appointment or to attend an early afternoon parent-teacher meeting, approach it with an understanding attitude and be mindful that you will all take turns. This is the only way to work hard and enjoy what life outside the office has to offer.

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